Boat Parties, Boat Trips & Romantic Sunset Cruises

Boat Parties, Boat Trips & Romantic Sunset Cruises


I mean, who doesn’t love a boat party? it’s an unforgettable experience You will get to meet so many different people, let your hair down, take in the surroundings and get boozy (of course). There are many different boat parties across Crypus but the best ones will be found in Ayia Napa and Pathos. In particular, we’d like to recommend Fantasy Boat Party to you! A company that has been around for many years and are known for throwing the best boat parties in each city. Each boat holds 200-300 people so there’s A LOT of new people to meet. There will be 10 reps how are there to answer any questions and make sure you’re having a good time. They will host lots of drinking games and live entertainment throughout so there’s never a dull moment. A top-class talented DJ will also be playing throughout the trip. The ticket is $50 and we promise it will be the best $50 you spend.


If you’re looking for a slightly more wholesome and less boozy boat trip experience then check out trips to the Blue Lagoon! You will get to cruise long the Akamas coastline until you finally get to the blue lagoon where you’re boat will anchor up. Swimming in the crystal clear light blue shimmering water is really one of the most beautiful things you can experience in Cyprus! Whether you decide to go in the morning o afternoon, there are many different boat trips. All you have to do is visit the harbour to enquire and you will be given times. Also, if you’re staying at a hotel, the hotel staff should be able to call up and arrange for you. AND if you don’t want to share the boat with anyone else, there are private boats for as little as $150 for 3 hours. This is perfect for groups! There is a choice of small (4 people), regular (6-8 people) and large (10-14 people) depending on how many of you there are.


If you’re on a couples holiday then this is the perfect romantic unforgettable experience that you’ll be looking for. Don’t worry, there is no loud pumping music and drunken fools dancing around you on these boat trips. Instead, you’ll be picked up from the harbour of the Cyprus city you’re in at 6 pm sharp. And sail off into the Mediterranean Sea ready for the sun to go down. There will be a bar where you can grab yourself a cocktail or beverage of your choice as you take in the beauty surrounding you. There are even options where you can dine on board for the evening if you wish (at an extra expense of course). So make sure you check out all your options and make the most of this beautiful experience!

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