Gran Canaria Excursions

We’ve put together 5 of the most incredible tours that you can do in Gran Canaria. Make the most of your experience and make it an unforgettable one!

1. Whale and Dolphin Watching Luxury Catamaran, Free Meal & Transfers

Duration: 3 hours

On this tour, you’ll have the best chance to see whales and dolphins! You will take out by an experienced and friendly crew who have provided these trips for tourists for over 30+years, so they know where to take you. You will leave from Puerto Colon and drive all around the coast discovering many spectacular spots along the way. The feeling of seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habit is really an unforgettable experience. Lunch and snacks are included in this trip too. There are many sundecks and comfortable chairs on the top deck so you can get comfortable and take in the surroundings.

2. Camel Riding in Maspalomas Dunes

Duration: 30 minutes – 1 hour

The Maspalomas Dunes are a must-see when visiting Gran Canaria. The dunes are located on the south coast of the island in the province of Las Palmas and are cover 404 hectares of land. When you arrive, you will have 70 magnificent camels awaiting your arrival. You will get to choose a camel to ride and climb aboard! A team of experts will lead you through the dunes. It’s the perfect activity for big groups because a large number can enjoy the camel riding experience together (providing there are spaces). Our top tip is to prebook the sunset times for an even more special experience.

3. ATV buggy excursion

Duration: 2 hours

This one is for the adventure and thrill-seekers! You will get the opportunity to drive your own buggy on the roads of the beautiful “Fataga” natural park filled with bamboo poles, Indian tunes, palm trees and some incredible sights along the way. A team will give your a talk beforehand to explain the different routes you can follow, what there is see and provide you with a map so you don’t get lost. Prepare to have some fun! The buggies fit 4-5 people including the driver so it’s perfect for family or friend groups. You can choose to hire a driver if you prefer to.

4. Beginners Scuba Diving Experience in Gran Canaria

Duration: 2- 3 hours

Discover what awaits in the clear and tranquil waters of Gran Canaria! You don’t need any experience to join this tour, the guides will teach you everything you need to know beforehand. You’ll get to practice in a pool before heading into the waters – don’t worry it’s easy to learn and master the breathing techniques. You’ll get to swim next to incredible coral formations and tropical fish. There is even an opportunity to earn a credit towards your PADI scuba certificate (if you’re interested)

5. Private Full-Day Volcano Hiking and Winery Tour in Las Palmas

Duration: 4 hours

This is the perfect trip for wine lovers and adventurers! You’ll start the day with a spectacular hike through villages whilst you learn about the history of Gran Canaria. Your hike will lead you all the way to the rim of a volcano crater. From this viewpoint you will get unforgettable views over the landscape surrounding you, so make sure you bring your camera. You’ll probably be feeling rather parched by the time you reach the ground level again. So what better way to quench your thirst than tasting the local wins. A wine expert will provide you with all the information about the sample of wines and answer any questions you have. They are full of flavours and it will be the perfect way to end your trip!

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